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Flora Pink Soft 2X


3 liter + 3 liter

Available in - 5 3 liter + 3 liter

AED 40

- +

You can welcome an extra dose of softness and freshness in your life by the Comfort Fabric Softener Flora(Pink) 3 Ltr – 2 pcs. It is a great way to enhance the texture of your clothes and impress others with your brand new look. This washing liquid has been uniquely formulated for protecting the fibers on fabric from stretching, fading and fuzz. With this unique formula, your clothes will stay as fresh as if they have been washed yesterday. Giving you the feeling of comfort and freshness.

5% Cationic Active● Fatty Acid● Benzisothiazolinone● Dye● Perfume● Alphalsomethyl Lonone● Butylphenyl● Methylpropional● Coumarin● Geraniol

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