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Kinder Maxi


Available in - 288 21g

AED 1.5

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Discover the unique taste of the Kinder Maxi chocolate bar! Kinder Maxi is a delicious portion of milky filling covered with a fine milk chocolate coating Taste the flavours of your childhood and share in the joy of your little ones with the different sized chocolate bars that are great for both kids and grownups Delight in this lighthearted chocolaty snack that lets you take a break from adult life and reminisce on the carelessness of being a kid

Chocolate Superior To Milk 40% (Sugar● Milk Powder● Cocoa Butter● Cocoa Mass● Emulsifiers: Soya Lecithins● Vanillin)● Sugar● Skimmed Milk Powder● Palm Oil● Concentrated Butter● Emulsifiers: Soy Lecithins● Vanillin.

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