Taboon Bread


3 piece
AED 9.00

Currently shipping to Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman only. Expansion to other emirates coming soon!

Discover the magic of taboon bread—a special flatbread made in a clay oven. The taboon oven, handmade in the old days, uses loose stones over a fire for baking. This unique setup lets the bread cook at high temperatures, giving it that delicious taste. What makes taboon bread stand out? It's those bumps! The dough goes straight onto the hot stones, creating those distinct bumps you'll recognize. Imagine grandmas in Palestine baking taboon bread just outside their kitchens, sitting on the ground, passing down the tradition. Taboon isn't just for bread; it's also used to make the famous Palestinian dish, Musakhan. Embrace the warmth of tradition and flavor, one bump at a time! 🥖🔥🇵🇸 #TaboonBread #GrandmasTradition #FlavorsOfPalestine #PalestinianTaboonBread #BreadForMusakhan

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