Dried Chamomile


250 g
AED 21.00

Currently shipping to Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman only. Expansion to other emirates coming soon!

Indulge in the herbal authenticity of Abu Khaldoun Kabatilo Jordanian Chamomile, meticulously crafted from dried chamomile flowers in Jordan! 🌼 With a mild, sweet flavor, this authentic gem, treasured through generations, adds a delightful touch to green salads, roasted meats, fruit crisps, oatmeal, lemonade, and seafood—a tradition Grandma would approve of. Elevate soups, dressings, sauces, desserts, and rice dishes with its unique twist. From ice cream to cocktails, let this chamomile take you on a journey of rich Jordanian heritage. And, of course, savor the soothing bliss of the renowned Chamomile tea. 🍵✨ #AbuKhaldounKabatilo #JordanianChamomile #GrandmasTradition #SipOfSerenity #HerbalTradition
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