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Bombay Biryani



Available in - 6 60gm


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Bombay Biryani Recipe and Seasoning Mix comes packaged and sealed in a box containing a packet of 60g of spices. Easy to cook hard to resist. Perfect ally to make wholesome yet yummy food. Filled with goodness that satisfies your taste buds

Himalayan Pink Salt● Red Chilim Dried Plums With Pits● Fenugreek Seed● Dill Seeds● Turmeric● Cinamin● Nigella Seed● Bay Leaf● Fennel● Brown Cardamom● Ginger● Garlic● Cloves● Dried Papaya Powder● Maltodextrin● Hydrolyzed Soy● Protein● Citric Acid● Cane Sugar● Canola Oil● Natural● Artificial Food Flavour● Silicon Dioxide (Anticaking Agent)

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