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Vegetable Curry Mix



Available in - 6 100GM


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Easy to use- All the ingredients and instructions are given at the back of the box. Easy to prepare- Now you don’t need to gather a variety of different masalas to make Vegetable Curry, just use this seasoning and herbs mix and you are good to go. Quality Control- All our products are carefully packaged under the most hygienic conditions according to international quality standard.

Salt,Red Chili,Turmeric,Fenugreek Seed,Garlic,Ginger,Cumin,Coriander,Cinnamon,Black Pepper,Acid:,Citric Acid,Fenugreek Leaves,Carom,Clove,Maltodextrin,Hydrolyzed Soy Protein,Cane,Sugar,Canola Oil Anticaking Agent: Silicon Dioxide

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