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Chicken Curry flavour



Available in - 40 75gm


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3 Minutes Is Enough To Prepare Your Share Of Indomie Or 5 Minutes Using The Microwave And Enjoy Your Indomie. Indomie Is Manufactured Using Automated Technology In All Stages. We Enforce Quality And Safety Standards To Provide You With The Highest Quality And Delicious Taste

Noodles: Wheat Flour (70%)● Refined Palm Oil (contains Antioxidant E306)● Tapioca Starch● Salt● Acidity Regulator (e501● E500)● Thickener (e412)● Colour (e101). Seasoning Powder: Salt● Flavour Enhancers (e621● E627● E631)● Sugar● Garlic Powder● Artificial Chicken Flavour (2●0%)● Yeast Extract● Coriander● Pepper. Seasoning Oil: Refined Palm Oil (contains Antioxidant E306)● Onion● Garlic● Chilli Powder

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