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Chicken Curry Cup Noodles



Available in - 24 55gm

AED 3.25

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Made from carefully selected ingredients, the flavour offers an exotic Indonesian curry taste and aroma. Perfect for warming up and relaxing after a long day in the cold. Chicken Curry flavour noodle soup unique and delicious flavour of Indonesian fresh spices. Simply delicious and irresistible. Ready to enjoy in just minutes

Noodles: Wheat Flour (70%)● Refined Palm Oil (contains Antioxidant E306)● Tapioca Starch● Salt● Acidity Regulator (e501● E500)● Thickener (e412)● Colour (e101). Seasoning Powder: Salt● Flavour Enhancers (e621● E627● E631)● Sugar● Garlic Powder● Artificial Chicken Flavour (2●0%)● Yeast Extract● Coriander● Pepper. Seasoning Oil: Refined Palm Oil (contains Antioxidant E306)● Onion● Garlic● Chilli Powder

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