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Special Chicken Noodles



Available in - 40 75gm

AED 1.50

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The Indomie Special Chicken Instant Noodles is the perfect solution to cook a fulfilling meal within minutes. You can add your choice of toppings and enjoy a relishing platter for dinner

Wheat Flour● Edible Vegetable Oil (Palm)● Salt● Potassium Carbonate● Sodium Polyphosphate● Natural Gum● Sodium Carbonate● Riboflavin Seasoning Powder: Salt● Sugar● Flavour Enhancer (e-621)● Artificial Chicken Flavour Powder● Yeast Extract● Onion Powder● Ginger Powder● Pepper Powder And Chili Powder Seasoning Oil>: Edible Vegetable Oil (palm) And Onion

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