Kaek Al Quds


2 pieces
AED 15.00

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Ka’ek, meaning cake or cookies in Arabic, is a cherished Palestinian pastry known as Jerusalem Kaek or Kaek Al Quds. Widely available in Jerusalem and Nablus markets, especially during Ramadan, these dough rings covered in sesame resemble the iconic Ramadan bread found in Damascus and Lebanon. A symbol of Jerusalem, Ka’ek Al-Quds is a must-grab item stacked on pushing carts throughout the city. With a deep connection to Al-Quds, Palestinians consider it more than just a tie—it's ingrained in their souls. Every visit to the city, strolling through its streets, savoring the aromas and experiences, leaves an indelible mark on one's memory. 🍰🌆 #KaekAlQuds #JerusalemPastry #PalestinianTradition

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